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Expertise of a real estate hunter for apartments in Paris

You have decided to buy in the capital but you are very busy? Or do you want to benefit from the support service of a real estate hunter to make sure you don't make a mistake in your purchase?

Feel free to call upon one of our apartment hunters in Paris: Mon Chasseur Immo is the number 1 network in France. We have a great team of hunters in the City of Light as well as in the Paris region. They have access to 100% of the real estate properties on the market, notably thanks to their personal relationships with each real estate agency, and they master their profession of service focused on real estate purchase, in order to find you the dream apartment at the best price, which best fits your search criteria.

Whether you are at a distance, whether you have a too busy schedule to do the research yourself, or whether you need assistance with administrative procedures, our real estate hunters in Paris take charge and help you at every step of your real estate acquisition! Rely on their professional advice and get support from our real estate buying partners in all the most time-consuming tasks, from selecting real estate properties to signing the deed with the notary who will make you the owner, through the offer, the compromise, the evaluation of works, the reading of the DPE, obtaining the loan offer... You will be accompanied from A to Z! So, do not hesitate and join now the 95% of satisfied customers of Mon Chasseur Immo, a label recognized for its quality of service!

Delegating your project to a real estate hunter in Paris allows you to save time, save money, and gain peace of mind! The real estate hunter in Paris is a true ally, taking care of everything for their client's property purchase: project feasibility, financing, specifications, property selection and qualification, visits, assistance during the compromise and sale deed, etc.

The mission of the real estate hunter in Paris begins when they sign an exclusive search mandate with their client. They accompany their client at every stage of their buying project, from A to Z:

  • Specifications;
  • Search, selection, and property visits;
  • Price negotiation;
  • Assistance with the purchase offer, the sales agreement, and the authentic deed.

Delegating your project to a real estate hunter in Paris allows you to save time, save money, and gain peace of mind! The real estate hunter in Paris is a true ally, taking care of everything for their client's property purchase: project feasibility, financing, specifications, property selection and qualification, visits, assistance during the compromise and sale deed, etc.

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Our real estate hunters offer you exclusive properties!

Buying in Paris, capital - jewel

Paris, a city of choice for buying

With over 2.1 million inhabitants, the city of Paris is the most populous in the Île-de-France region. The population of the Parisian real estate market is mainly composed of young people aged 15 to 24, representing 23.8%. Workers are also particularly numerous in this city where the number of job opportunities is high, especially for executives and higher intellectual professions. It is therefore no coincidence that job hunting is one of the main reasons pushing buyers to move to the capital, mainly in apartments. By being accompanied by a real estate hunter in Paris, you will have the opportunity to find a property to settle in one of the most dynamic cities in France!

With 20 very different districts, a real estate hunter in Paris will be able to guide you towards a dynamic or, on the contrary, residential and calm neighborhood according to your desires. This help will be particularly valuable to target the most interesting properties in the real estate market according to your buyer profile.

Culture enthusiasts will not be left out in Paris, as cultural infrastructures are numerous in the City of Light. Indeed, the range of shows is particularly wide, notably thanks to concert halls and theaters that have multiplied throughout the city in recent decades. Paris also benefits from a rich historical heritage reinforced by its various museums, some of which like the Louvre are world-famous for the masterpieces they house. Similarly, historical buildings such as Notre-Dame strongly contribute to the charm and tourist attractiveness of the city. Our real estate hunters in Paris will know how to focus on the tourist attractions of the capital to help you choose your neighborhood and your apartment.

To facilitate national or international travel, Paris has two airports. Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Orly allow access to numerous countries worldwide. Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport even ranks 2nd in the European ranking of airports with the highest rates of passenger traffic. With such traffic, a real estate hunter in Paris can advise you on the most attractive areas if you wish to invest in rental properties for these travelers. The city's public transport network is also very well developed with six train stations, 99 bus lines, 16 metro lines, and 5 RER lines, which not only facilitate the daily lives of Parisians but also the travels of numerous tourists. This offer is also expanding with the development of Greater Paris. Car travel is also easy thanks to the ring road used by over 300,000 vehicles per day.

Finally, with its 762 schools and 349 colleges and high schools, Paris works daily for quality education for the youngest as well as adolescents. At the university level, 600,000 students are present in the capital each year, making it a particularly young and dynamic city. Buying in Paris will therefore ensure that you can offer the best education to your children, regardless of their age, and will allow them in the future to choose from a wide variety of fields for their higher education.

Buying in the ideal neighborhood with the help of a real estate hunter in Paris

The role of a real estate hunter in Paris is to offer you quality properties in strategic neighborhoods of the city. Whether designed for tourists or simply pleasant for daily living, the properties unearthed by our real estate hunters will give you everything Paris has to offer in each of its neighborhoods.

The Jules Joffrin neighborhood

In the heart of the capital, the Jules Joffrin neighborhood is a true haven of peace in the midst of the urban jungle. Composed of small peaceful streets and shops, it offers an interesting quality of life in such a large city. If you are looking for tranquility and want to buy a property in the 18th arrondissement, the village atmosphere that reigns there may seduce you.

The Batignolles neighborhood

If you are looking for a village-like neighborhood, to buy an apartment in Paris 17th, Batignolles will seduce you with its original shops and traditional breweries. Articulated around the charming Place du Docteur Félix Lobligeois, this neighborhood has all the characteristics of a typical French village, with terraces, organic markets, and petanque games.

The Bastille neighborhood

A popular neighborhood, Bastille attracts young Parisians and artists. With its cafes, bars, and restaurants, it is synonymous with relaxation and joie de vivre. If you prioritize a neighborhood with a lively atmosphere day and night, our real estate hunters in Paris will focus their search in this area.

The Montorgueil neighborhood

On its side, real estate in the Montorgueil neighborhood is synonymous with calm and authenticity in a city that shines with its effervescence, thanks to its set of pedestrian streets and its numerous food shops that will delight gourmets. It's no wonder that this neighborhood once housed the Halle au blé, now transformed into the Bourse du commerce!

The Buttes-Chaumont neighborhood

Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Les Buttes-Chaumont is a unique neighborhood in the capital: with its numerous green spaces, it constitutes a real breath of fresh air within the bustling metropolis. If you want to enjoy long walks surrounded by greenery close to home, this is the neighborhood in Paris for you!

To position yourself immediately in the ideal neighborhood and become a happy owner, get support from a real estate hunter in Paris!

Also, don't miss discovering the attractive peripheral cities that make up the suburbs of Paris:

  • Vincennes: its castle, its woods, its shops... a very well-connected family-friendly city.
  • Clichy: modern housing close to the capital. This evolving city hosts many businesses and facilities for families.
  • Montreuil: with a very rich associative and cultural offer, Montreuil attracts many investors and first-time buyers who want to buy in Île-de-France.

Why buy in Paris?

The capital is full of real estate opportunities. To help you make your choice and find the property that suits your profile and expectations, our real estate hunters in Paris select apartments that may interest you. Calling on a real estate hunter in Paris ensures finding the rare gem while saving time.

Our real estate hunters in Paris accompany you in your search and in negotiation with all real estate actors. They will reveal the hidden facets of the capital and its neighborhoods most conducive to buying an apartment.

The capital is particularly famous for:

  • Its open-air museum-like areas with its extraordinary architecture and classified monuments;
  • Its prestige and upscale neighborhoods, like Gros Caillou, around the Eiffel Tower, in the 7th arrondissement, as well as the 16th arrondissement;
  • Its status as the capital of luxury and gastronomy;
  • Its constant effervescence, culturally, eventfully, and sports-wise;
  • Its bustling nightlife, with a wide range of nightlife establishments (cabarets, café-concerts, cinemas, clubs, theaters, opera...);
  • Its ideal and central location in Europe;
  • Its proximity to Normandy and Brittany, about a 3-hour drive away;
  • Its rich student life, with its renowned universities and grandes écoles (elite higher education institutions).